Håndformede stearinlys i forskellige farver


Håndformede lys lavet af paraffin. De er lavet af rumænske kunstnere, som bruger omkring fire timer per lys. Hvert lys er unikt i forskellige farver og stile. De koster 100 kr. for de normale lys og 150 kr. for lys med olie inkl. en flakse olie. For at se alle vores lys gå ind på https://www.facebook.com/DekoHus.dk


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Hand carved candles makes a perfect, beautiful present for that colorful loved one in your life. Rainbows of color cascade from every angle of this candle, which is hand dipped and hand carved to achieve a stunning design that will amaze the recipient. Each candle is unique. Some are burning as a classic candle, some are using lamp oil which and can burn almost endless. 

Special events will be bright and shining this year as you give the gift of light! A hand crafted candle is exactly the way to say “I was thinking of you!”., The candles are produced based on an artistic style, from a period which began around 1600 in Rome, Italy, and spread to most of Europe – the Baroque! Adding imagination, passion, and love to all this, the artist was able to create the best art product –unique Carved Candles. Our candle are made from paraffin wax and have aprox 25 cm and around 800 gr. There are available in two variations: classic and oil lamp. Classic candle can burn around 100h, the lamp oil one come with a bottle of oil included.

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