Tree of life – wire earrings


Tree of life wire wrapped earrings. The intricate and lacy look of the pendant comes from nearly 8 feet of wire being wrapped tight to create the earrings, and every single bit is crafted by hand from layers of wire. It That's what makes this earrings original and unique.

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Why to wear the symbol of a tree of life? Now I want to tell you something interesting about why to wear or give someone a tree of life pendant as a gift. “Alchemy symbols hold energetic templates that interact with your physical/etheric bodies & the energy around you. When consciously connected to you can both direct & magnify the healing frequencies, keys & codes of alchemy symbols to support your overall well-being.  Wearing jewelry that contains alchemy symbols is an extremely effective way of consciously accessing the power of alchemy and integrating it throughout your day to improve and maintain overall well-being." Tree of life is a symbol of connection to all things, as a symbol of family and ancestry and of your growth into a beautiful and unique person. Tree of life as a symbol of birth and immortality and as a symbol of growth and strength. You can give and say all this things and meanings to the person you care about with this beautiful gift 🙂

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